A pathway towards a brighter future
The award-winning Columbus Building Futures program equips members of underserved communities with life-skills and teaches them basic construction skills in order to prepare them for a building trades apprenticeship.
This 12-week program is a partnership between Franklin County, the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council and Creating Central Ohio Futures.

It helps participants overcome challenges that might prevent them from beginning a construction career in the building trades, while showing them a pathway to a middle-class life.

The construction industry is booming in Central Ohio and a career with one of the affiliated trades will provide immediate participants with a great starting wage, health benefits and retirement benefits.

No experience in the construction industry is necessary, or required, to apply, as the Building Futures program is designed for individuals who are unemployed or under employed.

The program is not just about teaching participants the skills needed to work in construction, it also teaches them important life skills such as financial literacy, math and reading.

Many Building Futures participants have worked in low wage positions, earning little more than $8 per hour. As an apprentice, they can earn much more, if not double that amount, especially when working overtime.

During the program, members learn the importance of proper financial budgeting, which helps prepare them for future major purchases such as a vehicle, house, technology, furniture, etc. or how to budget to take care of a new family.
Men and women who successfully complete the Building Futures program can join one of the C/COBCTC affiliated trades including:

After the successful conclusion of the program, participants will have a pathway into a registered apprenticeship program.

Individuals who are interested in the Building Futures program should:

  • Have an interest in a building trades career
  • Have the physical ability to perform the work
  • Pass a drug test

Attendance is required and strictly adhered to for participants to successfully complete the program.

Minimum program candidate qualifications include:

  • Completed application
  • Drug-free
  • 18 years of age or older
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Passing Assessment score (ACT WorkKeys and McGraw Hill – ALEKS)

All applicants who meet the above criteria will be interviewed and assigned a score used to determine which applicants will be selected for a training class, which is commonly referred to in the program as a training cohort. Those not selected will have the opportunity to be chosen for future classes or cohorts.

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