When it comes to "make it or break it", we are creating more "MAKE IT" moments.
We provide the tools and opportunities to put you on the path to the Middle Class.  You just need to put in the work.
Break Barriers
We work to eliminate barriers that prevent participants from securing jobs and building careers that provide good pay, high quality benefits, safe working conditions, job security and respect in their communities.
Program participants receive valuable training and job-related education, including soft skills development, financial literacy assistance, practical experience, individualized support, and industry recognized training certifications.
Skill Build
Participants will emerge ready to pursue a career in a job that provides economic security for years to come. Civic leaders, community organizations, the Central Ohio Labor Council and the Columbus/Central Ohio Building Trades will work with industry and public sector partners to connect participants with high demand job opportunities.
Provide Support
Both programs provide a case manager for all participants to track progress and provide individualized assistance. Financial assistance is also available for qualified participants.*
*Building Back Better Together participants meeting attendance and performance standards receive a $150 weekly stipend and may also receive up to $750 in financial assistance with childcare, transportation, and sealing of criminal records.